It isn't just a club
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What would be the football without the beauty and delicacy of the girls?

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What if we reach the finals and Sami plays then omg 

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my technology exam went well next to that i almost cried and couldnt breath when i had to call someone because we had to call someone because that was a thing in the exam and i didnt want to because im way too scared and yes 

im such a problem 

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Real Madrid means honesty, solidarity and humility. It is austerity, hard-work and respect for fair-play. It is señorío – the display of class and dignity on and off the pitch. Real Madrid is a hundred and nine years of history, of immense triumphs and devastating losses. Real Madrid is the countless players who have donned the white shirt – Santiago Bernabéu, The Alfredo Di Stéfano era, the Ye-Ye generation, the Galacticos era. Real Madrid is resilience and the ability to make miraculous comebacks. They say “No hay nada como una buena remontada en el Bernabeu”Real Madrid transcends football. It transcends borders. It is Madridismo. A feeling. A passion. A way of life. A religion.

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is it wierd that i get annoyed when people call football ‘soccer’


oh my god it’s tonight

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¿Qué significa ser del Real Madrid? [x]

im gonna go to sleep before i freak out even more, and i have my technology exam tomorrow and im also really nervous for that fuck this man im serious

goodnight xx

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I wish you luck honey, but you should go. What if it’s not cancer?

thank you darling ah and i seriously hope so i have never been so scared in my life this is so weird oh my ofd

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Never google something that you think is wrong. Just go to the doctor and let them check you out

yes you are right, im gonna make an appointment tomorrow because i really am scared but i really hope it isnt anything bad

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