hiiiii im in karpathos :D

im going on holiday to karpathos in a bit so i wont be on for 11 days :( because i dont have wifi there and that very much sucks but i hope you all have some greatttttt days and i speak to u all soon! xxxxx

    future plans

  • someone: Who do you want to be, in future?
  • me: a WAG.

"Real madrid is a genuine feeling. It’s the real passion for football, for victory, for our history. There are many ways to feel passion for football, but none that can compare with supporting Real Madrid. Real passion. Real Madrid.”

Irina Shayk gets all infatuated while talking about her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo on “E!News” | 22-07-2014 | [+]
Interviewer: Now, you’re also dating one of THE sexiest guys in the world. Soccer-superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. You guys are gorgeous. Is he a romantic guy?
Irina: Yes, very. Well, sometimes I love it when he’s romantic and sometimes…like…it actually depends on my mood. So, he knows that.
Interviewer: Oh, he knows that?
Irina: *laughs*
Interviewer: Last quick question for today: Who’s the sexiest celebrity-guy? Besides your boyfriend!
Irina: Hmm…my boyfriend. He’s the only one.
Interviewer: He’s the only one? Awww, that’s so sweet.
Irina: *smiles*
Interviewer: Let me ask you…how do you not get jealous? Cause I mean, I have seen Cristiano here, having breakfast, once and all the ladies around were just staring at him. He couldn’t even eat his eggs. I imagine these things become a daily occurance then?
Irina: Well…you know, I think it’s good for a man to look around a little so he can appreciate what he has. You just have to be comfortable and drop all your insecurities. And I am very comfortable. Apart from that, if you’ve been dating for over 4 years, you simply have to trust each other. *smiles*

Sami Khedira celebrates with girlfriend Lena Gercke after the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final match between Germany and Argentina at Maracana on July 13, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

All James Rodriguez goals in world cup 2014

I know what I can do and a footballer always strives for more success…